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Social media usage is increasing day by day all over the world. That is why people are using it to promote their business and marketing their products. Similarly beauticians share their experiences and tips of makeup on different social media channels. They use Facebook, Instagram, google websites etc. for this purpose.

Usage of YouTube for makeup tutorial

YouTube is a social media channel which provides platform for beauticians for share their beauty tips and perfect makeup tips. They use YouTube because of different YouTube features. YouTube helps to upload videos of greater length which is not possible on other social media channels like WhatsApp. In addition, beauticians may get more subscribers for their channels and promote their business. They can focus on their followers easily through this channel. Online makeup classes can be arranged in this way for girls and women who cannot go outside for learning makeup.

How to become makeup guru on YouTube

Makeup tutorial includes tips and ways of applying makeup products. Housewives usually visit these websites for learning makeup for themselves and applying on others. Here we discuss how to become makeup artist and start makeup channel on YouTube easily and effectively. Some of the tips are as follows:

Know your audience

You, as a beautician, need to know your targeted audience on YouTube. These targeted audience choice and preferences can be handled through your channel. You should have information about what videos you should upload and which people will watch these videos. You need to list down specification of such viewers like their age groups, their demographic location etc. It helps you to find your targeted audience easily.

Short and long-term goals creation

For successfully creating makeup tutorial channel on YouTube, you should determine your short term and long term goals. You can make ideas about where your channel will be after six months or after six years. It helps to determine what steps you should take for meeting your goals of makeup tutorial channel successfully.

Launching of channel

You need to have some videos of good content when you launch your makeup tutorial channel on YouTube. It is due to the high expectations of targeted audience from your channel. They like your videos if you show some unique content. It creates more subscribers and viewers for your channel. You need to upload videos at continuous basis. In addition, you need to keep in touch with latest trends for meeting expectations of targeted audience.

Get feedback for your channel

After putting effort to tutorials uploading, you can get feedback about it. This feedback helps to create more effective makeup tutorial videos. In this ways, you can get information about which content viewers need from your channel. You can change content according to their views and opinions.

So, these were some tips for starting makeup tutorial channel on YouTube. You have to get more and viewers and subscribers for your channel. This helps to extend your skills and business. You can be a high experienced beautician if you amend your makeup tutorial according to feedback of viewers.

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women selfie freaks on social media

All around the world, women seem to be so obsessed with themselves that they are always busy capturing selfies to post on their social media. It is known that women take more selfies than men and they share more pictures than men. For men, a good picture works for months. But on the contrary, women like to share new pictures every other day. Seems like the only thing liked by them is their phone camera. Women like to share their pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat etc. to attract more people towards their profile. People with cool aesthetic pictures are considered to have a social status. Posting more pictures helps them to gain 100 followers. Women posting attractive selfies on their social media accounts are thought to be living a life full of prestige.

It is a part of woman nature that they want to be liked by nearly everyone. In order to give the impression of attractiveness and show their alluring beauty to the world, they take a number of pictures everyday to post on to their social accounts. They want to show others the life they are living, hence, they update their accounts with every little detail of the day. Whether they are cooking, eating, attending a lecture, out for a lunch, travelling or whatever, they always manage to take a selfie. For them, no task is ever complete without taking a nice picture of it. Men seem to be tired with this habit of taking selfies of women, but nothing matters to them when they are capturing a picture.

Why Selfies Are So Important To A Woman

With the rise of social media, people have derived an obsession with their phone cameras. According to a research, women spend 48 minutes every day capturing selfies. Women are more self-conscious. They take a lot of time to get ready. But looking pretty on an occasion without getting one nice selfie hurts more than anything. For a woman, a day is not complete without one nice selfie. They can be tired of everything but never of the selfies. If you ever have a look on a woman’s gallery, you will find a hundreds of everyday selfies with the same pose. Women take hundreds of everyday selfies from different angles and in different poses just to post one at the end on their social media accounts.

Be it a best friend meetup, a movie night out, or whether you’re just out for dinner, everything seems to be incomplete without a selfie. How would the world know about it if you didn’t post a picture?  According to some women, the reason why they love to post more and more selfies is to increase the number of likes on their pictures. Increasing number of likes means more people like you for what you post. Women just don’t need a particular time or a specific occasion to take selfies. For them every day is a selfie day, and they can take pictures whenever they like.


Considered a must-see meeting point, trade shows or fairs are great opportunities for a company to promote or launch a new product. The show also allows professionals from the same sector of activity to meet and make a statement in their market. Participating in a trade show seems like a “must” or must for many companies, but however, occupying a booth is not enough to ensure the smooth running of this crucial step, which directly involves the image of your company and specially on social media streams. It is also good to know that there is no other time when you will be directly confronted with your competitors, as well as your customers and prospects.

The commercial success of this type of project rests on three main pillars, which are:

  • A preparation work before the beginning of the Salon in question.
  • Increased attention during the course of the project
  • The exploitation of the fallout after the Salon.

First of all, it is imperative that the show you choose will be in line with your company’s strategy and objectives. You will not participate in a trade fair on agriculture while you work in the computer field!

Whether for the image of your company or to conduct a commercial action on a professional niche, you must have in mind the primary objective of your participation in this show. However, if it happens to happen in front of several salons of the same type, do not hesitate to ask the organizers of the figures of the last editions, so that you can check who has had the most visitors.
It will also be necessary to consider the material aspect of the living room in question. Will it be easy for your clients to access? Will it offer a decent space for your booth? So many questions that you will have to answer before going to the next step: the development of your stand.

The development of a stand is not an easy task. In no case should you “over-decorate” it, because you have to remember that it’s not a Christmas tree that you have in your hands. Choose a simple but eye-catching décor while reflecting the soul of your business.

Once set up, the hardest thing remains to be done; how to attract to attract visitors to your booth?

1. Encourage your own customers to visit you.

It must be borne in mind that even if the organizers of the show in which you participate are intended to attract visitors, they have no responsibility to direct them to your stand. So, it is imperative that you do not rely exclusively on the organizer to attract visitors. On your side, try to convince your own customers to visit you. As you know, the crowd always attracts more people, so do not hesitate to invite them by making an appointment with them at a specific date and time.

2. Book a good location.

It is good to know that the number of visits to a stand depends mainly on its visibility. You will need to find a good location where visitors can easily find you. You should know that there are strategic places to place your stand, especially near the entrance.

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Women’s lingerie is quite a delicate thing to discuss. And it is also difficult to evaluate the way women’s lingerie is treated on social media. But one thing is sure: the “taboo-ness” surrounding women’s lingerie on social media is definitely decreasing.

Is women’s lingerie more popular on social media than it used to be?

Yes, definitely. With the passage of time, online marketing has become a must. Many brands invest in online marketing because they are well aware of the advantages an online presence offers. Online marketing on social media is a great and efficient way to boost your sales. Some brands even do online marketing only, which is called e-commerce. Some brands have elevated themselves to such a great level of popularity by just spending great time, effort and money on social media advertizing and online selling. Amongst these brands, you can find great examples of women’s lingerie and swimwear brands such as “Adore me”, “Third love”, “Frankie’s Bikinis”, etc. Third love even designed an app just to help customers and potential customers to figure out their size and the perfect fit. Isn’t this proof enough of the fact that there is a real tendency for brands and marketers to be more and more popular online? And isn’t this proof of the fact that the demand of women’s lingerie online is increasing? There are two factors that explain the popularity of women’s lingerie on social media:

It’s convenient. Buying online, no matter what it is that you buy, is certainly convenient. It allows you to save time, energy and sometimes even money. It allows you to better compare amongst a variety of things available. And you don’t have to feel embarrassed trying out things in a congested little fitting room. Every girl and lady knows how convenient it can be to buy women’s lingerie online and on social media such as Instagram. Also, on social media, lingerie is also accompanied with an inspiration picture. You can visualize things better, which is practical when you want to buy lingerie. In real life, what sometimes happens is that you see an item, look at it and start to imagine it will look great on you until you go to the fitting room and try it on… visualizing lingerie can help, because you clearly see whether it will be suitable for your body and your pain points.

It’s relatively secret. Buying women’s lingerie on social media is also getting popular because it allows you to protect your privacy. Imagine living in a country in which women’s lingerie is sold by men exclusively, and sometimes even on the street (stalls). Let us bet you would be grateful to have a chance to buy women’s lingerie on social media…

Is women’s lingerie more popular on social media than other clothing items? On this question, the answer is yes and no. Actually, it depends on the area in which you live. If you live in a country where buying women’s lingerie in real life is not an embarrassing experience, chances are that you will buy lingerie on social media not out of necessity, but for the advantages it has. Whereas if you live in a place where buying women’s lingerie comfortably is not always possible, chances are that, when using social media, you will be more interested by women’s lingerie than other things.

Everyone who has ever looked in the mirror and thought that they could stand to lose a few pounds understands why dieting just plain sucks. Almost every diet that I have ever tried made me give up foods, cut back on the amount of food that I can eat or gave “simple recipes” that tasted awful and required exotic ingredients that I never had at home. Ultimately I would get sick of the constant battle and kick the diet to the curb. You’ve been there too. I’ll never diet again.

This “diet” is not a diet at all but more of a nutritional program. It can be tailored to your individual needs, and you can alter it as your needs change. This was something that I thought I could only get by consulting with a registered dietician. A dietician will probably be able to help dial it in a bit, but they aren’t a necessary component. All you need is a calculator and little bit of time. No big deal to know where is your appendix right? If you are trying to transform your body, you’ll gladly take the time to build your personal nutritional program.

The first thing to know about this program is that all calories are obviously not the same. A calorie from a grilled chicken breast is not the same as a calorie from a piece of chocolate cake. That said, a little common sense can go a long way. A macro based nutrition plan views food as fuel and will help you to figure out what kind of fuel is required for you to meet your fitness goals.

A very simple, and the most commonly used, formula to use in working out your calorie needs is the 40/40/20 split. That’s 40% of your calories from protein, 40% from carbohydrates and 20% from fat. I’ve adjusted that formula a bit to suit my needs. I currently use a roughly 45/30/25 (protein/carb/fat) split. Here’s how this works out for me.

Total daily calories goal = 3625

407 grams of protein times 4 = 1630 calories (rounded)

272 grams of carbohydrates times 4 = 1090 calories (rounded)

100 grams of fat times 9 = 900 calories

I just plug these numbers into the MyFitnessPal app, and as I log my food for the day, it will show me if I need to increase or decrease one of my macros to hit my goals. This may tell me that I can have another grilled chicken breast or maybe I’d better make it a banana. Using this nutritional plan I have packed on nearly 35 pounds of muscle in the last four months while also decreasing my body fat percentage. Notice that I didn’t say that I’ve lost weight! My goal is to transform my body, not lose weight. If I were using weight to gauge my fitness, I would be flat out pissed because I currently weigh more right now than I have ever weighed at any point in my life. I’m very happy with my weight because I look a lot better right now than I did 35 pounds ago.

Since I’m on the topic of weight is an entirely horrible, terrible, stupid way to judge yourself. Scale weight is simply your body time’s gravity. It doesn’t take into consideration muscle mass, bone density or a host of other factors so don’t pay any attention to it other than to chart your progress. NEVER compare yourself to someone else! Any two people of the same height and similar looking appearance can have a scale weight difference of up to 25 pounds or more. So as I said, do yourself a favor and don’t compare your weight to any else’s weight.

It feels good to get that off of my chest. Thanks for sticking around at

Description: eager to know how Word Hunt Search Game offers an interesting plot to train your brain? Here are likely to get all the latest information and answers related to your queries.


If there is one game who can give you a lot of freedom in searching words with so many interesting things specifically that will lead involving your brain training then perhaps it is perfect time that you should play word hunt search game the reason is simple who does not like to hunt for words that can certainly help them make the right word that makes sense and you can share your instincts in every way possible. You have played several games related to words, but some of them lack plot that ultimately helps you increase your timings of guessing in just a short time.

You should consider yourself lucky when you get the chance to play 7 little words online and enjoy because try to waste several hours, but none of them pays off like you wanted. But this app has certainly the benefits where you find yourself surrounded by many letter field and you have to dig down deep to generate a right one.

After explaining this we have now below listed some real facts about how word hunt search game offers an interesting plot to train your brain to help you understand what are its key features, how you can play it related to its significant plot, who has developed, this fantastic game, when the right time you can use cheats to aid you and is it actually worth to try in the first place. People also love to play run 3 unblocked game with friends and family on

  • What are its key features?

You will be surprised to see some of its principal features that make it so much fascinating, and with it, you can learn its basics as well including,

  • More 25 categories of word search puzzles
  • Play against the clock and earn stars and bonuses
  • Complete each type to collect achievements and unlock bonus contents
  • Compare your word searches with your friends
  • Suitable for kids, girls, and boys
  • You can also save your progress the game anytime you want.
  • How can you play it related to its significant plot?

There are three types of difficulty levels you will get to play from easy, medium, and hard. You will see as you try to solves ‘’word hunt search all levels’’ by advancing to different plots.

  • Who has developed this fantastic game?

The developer of this excellent app is App tornado games who are so much famous for creating word games for people of all ages to enjoy.

  • When the right time you can use cheats to aid you?

Often hunting words can affect you’re the whole walk through and you may lose or stuck on some plots for that you can set ‘’word hunt search cheats’’ to aid you in solving puzzles.

  • Is it truly worth to try in the first place?

Word hunt search game is the game that can’t miss no matter what. You can enjoy having lots of fun while spending hours over and over again but never get bored visit here.


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