Considered a must-see meeting point, trade shows or fairs are great opportunities for a company to promote or launch a new product. The show also allows professionals from the same sector of activity to meet and make a statement in their market. Participating in a trade show seems like a “must” or must for many companies, but however, occupying a booth is not enough to ensure the smooth running of this crucial step, which directly involves the image of your company and specially on social media streams. It is also good to know that there is no other time when you will be directly confronted with your competitors, as well as your customers and prospects.

The commercial success of this type of project rests on three main pillars, which are:

First of all, it is imperative that the show you choose will be in line with your company’s strategy and objectives. You will not participate in a trade fair on agriculture while you work in the computer field!

Whether for the image of your company or to conduct a commercial action on a professional niche, you must have in mind the primary objective of your participation in this show. However, if it happens to happen in front of several salons of the same type, do not hesitate to ask the organizers of the figures of the last editions, so that you can check who has had the most visitors.
It will also be necessary to consider the material aspect of the living room in question. Will it be easy for your clients to access? Will it offer a decent space for your booth? So many questions that you will have to answer before going to the next step: the development of your stand.

The development of a stand is not an easy task. In no case should you “over-decorate” it, because you have to remember that it’s not a Christmas tree that you have in your hands. Choose a simple but eye-catching décor while reflecting the soul of your business.

Once set up, the hardest thing remains to be done; how to attract to attract visitors to your booth?

1. Encourage your own customers to visit you.

It must be borne in mind that even if the organizers of the show in which you participate are intended to attract visitors, they have no responsibility to direct them to your stand. So, it is imperative that you do not rely exclusively on the organizer to attract visitors. On your side, try to convince your own customers to visit you. As you know, the crowd always attracts more people, so do not hesitate to invite them by making an appointment with them at a specific date and time.

2. Book a good location.

It is good to know that the number of visits to a stand depends mainly on its visibility. You will need to find a good location where visitors can easily find you. You should know that there are strategic places to place your stand, especially near the entrance.

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