The Lord Of The Rings & Haunting Of Hill House Rocks The Entertainment This Month

'The Lord Of The Rings 1

‘The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King’ Is 15 Years Old Today

As if it was needed, there was another potent and timely reminder whom you cannot escape the unstoppable march of the time occurs today. Well today is the 15th anniversary of the release of the lord of rings and that is the return of the king. Yup it is now a full decade and almost a half ago, they have been reached to the epic denouement of the greatest cinematic stories ever have been told. Co and frodo had finally made it to mordor and they have destroyed the ring of the power which is vanquishing the dark lord sauron well in the process.  For all of you who have been crying being spoilers, you have had got total 15 years to watch it and the book has been out for all for 62 years as well and yet they haven’t got any excuse for those too have seen and read that. If you are still not ok then there is a tv show coming soon for you. To be fair and well, this is to be given that how popular the things were when the show was released at the cinema hall giving them the way back to the year 2003 and then there could be a whole load of the people out there that haven’t seen that.

Instantly it had became one of the largest box office success stories which are in the cinema’s history where it was the highest grossing film of the year 2003 and the second highest grossing film of the whole of 2000 decade.  Incase if you have been wondering till now, then Avatar is the only film from the whole ten year period which might have taken more. If to be taken in total, it would take over $1bn that has been becoming the second film which could ever do that. The crisis was actually keen on too.  That has been nominated for total 11 awards at the 76th academy awards which happened in the year 2004 and it only went and won every single bloody one of those famous awards. That has been pretty damn going good by anyone’s standards. In fact in reality, the only films with which you can keep up with are Ben Hur and Titanic. The good news here is that you can now go and catch on up with all the old chums you had have from the middle earth right now only if you have the desire to do so.

‘Haunting Of Hill House’ To Return After Being Renewed As Anthology

Netflix’s one of the most hit series the haunting of the hill house is soon to be returning to scare everyone with it again. Although this time this wouldn’t be in the same way everyone is thinking it to be. Rather than to be presented as a sequel, here will be the anthology of the series which means that there would be completely a new story with new characters in the upcoming installment of the series. According to various entertainment news sources, Netflix now has entered in a multi-year television deal that is with Macy and Flanagan that will see them to produce various new TV projects for the streaming giants.

The vice president of the original content on Netflix, Cindy Holland said that Trevor Macy and Mike Flanagan are masterful in the creation of frightening stories which leave the audience so surprised and focused that they even aren’t able to look away.  He said that they are very excited to continue their partnership with them on the Haunting series and also for the so many upcoming projects as well. Macy and Flanagan who previously had been in the collaboration of the films which included Gerard’s game and hush said that Netflix always had been a very important part of their journey and story as well and they are proud of  being working with them on the haunting of hill house and not to mention the Gerard’s game, hushand before I wake.

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