Why I’ll Never Diet Again

Everyone who has ever looked in the mirror and thought that they could stand to lose a few pounds understands why dieting just plain sucks. Almost every diet that I have ever tried made me give up foods, cut back on the amount of food that I can eat or gave “simple recipes” that tasted awful and required exotic ingredients that I never had at home. Ultimately I would get sick of the constant battle and kick the diet to the curb. You’ve been there too. I’ll never diet again.

This “diet” is not a diet at all but more of a nutritional program. It can be tailored to your individual needs, and you can alter it as your needs change. This was something that I thought I could only get by consulting with a registered dietician. A dietician will probably be able to help dial it in a bit, but they aren’t a necessary component. All you need is a calculator and little bit of time. No big deal to know where is your appendix right? If you are trying to transform your body, you’ll gladly take the time to build your personal nutritional program.

The first thing to know about this program is that all calories are obviously not the same. A calorie from a grilled chicken breast is not the same as a calorie from a piece of chocolate cake. That said, a little common sense can go a long way. A macro based nutrition plan views food as fuel and will help you to figure out what kind of fuel is required for you to meet your fitness goals.

A very simple, and the most commonly used, formula to use in working out your calorie needs is the 40/40/20 split. That’s 40% of your calories from protein, 40% from carbohydrates and 20% from fat. I’ve adjusted that formula a bit to suit my needs. I currently use a roughly 45/30/25 (protein/carb/fat) split. Here’s how this works out for me.

Total daily calories goal = 3625

407 grams of protein times 4 = 1630 calories (rounded)

272 grams of carbohydrates times 4 = 1090 calories (rounded)

100 grams of fat times 9 = 900 calories

I just plug these numbers into the MyFitnessPal app, and as I log my food for the day, it will show me if I need to increase or decrease one of my macros to hit my goals. This may tell me that I can have another grilled chicken breast or maybe I’d better make it a banana. Using this nutritional plan I have packed on nearly 35 pounds of muscle in the last four months while also decreasing my body fat percentage. Notice that I didn’t say that I’ve lost weight! My goal is to transform my body, not lose weight. If I were using weight to gauge my fitness, I would be flat out pissed because I currently weigh more right now than I have ever weighed at any point in my life. I’m very happy with my weight because I look a lot better right now than I did 35 pounds ago.

Since I’m on the topic of weight is an entirely horrible, terrible, stupid way to judge yourself. Scale weight is simply your body time’s gravity. It doesn’t take into consideration muscle mass, bone density or a host of other factors so don’t pay any attention to it other than to chart your progress. NEVER compare yourself to someone else! Any two people of the same height and similar looking appearance can have a scale weight difference of up to 25 pounds or more. So as I said, do yourself a favor and don’t compare your weight to any else’s weight.

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