Women Are The Selfie Freaks On Social Media

women selfie freaks on social media

All around the world, women seem to be so obsessed with themselves that they are always busy capturing selfies to post on their social media. It is known that women take more selfies than men and they share more pictures than men. For men, a good picture works for months. But on the contrary, women like to share new pictures every other day. Seems like the only thing liked by them is their phone camera. Women like to share their pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat etc. to attract more people towards their profile. People with cool aesthetic pictures are considered to have a social status. Posting more pictures helps them to gain 100 followers. Women posting attractive selfies on their social media accounts are thought to be living a life full of prestige.

It is a part of woman nature that they want to be liked by nearly everyone. In order to give the impression of attractiveness and show their alluring beauty to the world, they take a number of pictures everyday to post on to their social accounts. They want to show others the life they are living, hence, they update their accounts with every little detail of the day. Whether they are cooking, eating, attending a lecture, out for a lunch, travelling or whatever, they always manage to take a selfie. For them, no task is ever complete without taking a nice picture of it. Men seem to be tired with this habit of taking selfies of women, but nothing matters to them when they are capturing a picture.

Why Selfies Are So Important To A Woman

With the rise of social media, people have derived an obsession with their phone cameras. According to a research, women spend 48 minutes every day capturing selfies. Women are more self-conscious. They take a lot of time to get ready. But looking pretty on an occasion without getting one nice selfie hurts more than anything. For a woman, a day is not complete without one nice selfie. They can be tired of everything but never of the selfies. If you ever have a look on a woman’s gallery, you will find a hundreds of everyday selfies with the same pose. Women take hundreds of everyday selfies from different angles and in different poses just to post one at the end on their social media accounts.

Be it a best friend meetup, a movie night out, or whether you’re just out for dinner, everything seems to be incomplete without a selfie. How would the world know about it if you didn’t post a picture?  According to some women, the reason why they love to post more and more selfies is to increase the number of likes on their pictures. Increasing number of likes means more people like you for what you post. Women just don’t need a particular time or a specific occasion to take selfies. For them every day is a selfie day, and they can take pictures whenever they like.



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