Women’s lingerie is more popular on social media. Is it true?

Women’s lingerie is quite a delicate thing to discuss. And it is also difficult to evaluate the way women’s lingerie is treated on social media. But one thing is sure: the “taboo-ness” surrounding women’s lingerie on social media is definitely decreasing.

Is women’s lingerie more popular on social media than it used to be?

Yes, definitely. With the passage of time, online marketing has become a must. Many brands invest in online marketing because they are well aware of the advantages an online presence offers. Online marketing on social media is a great and efficient way to boost your sales. Some brands even do online marketing only, which is called e-commerce. Some brands have elevated themselves to such a great level of popularity by just spending great time, effort and money on social media advertizing and online selling. Amongst these brands, you can find great examples of women’s lingerie and swimwear brands such as “Adore me”, “Third love”, “Frankie’s Bikinis”, etc. Third love even designed an app just to help customers and potential customers to figure out their size and the perfect fit. Isn’t this proof enough of the fact that there is a real tendency for brands and marketers to be more and more popular online? And isn’t this proof of the fact that the demand of women’s lingerie online is increasing? There are two factors that explain the popularity of women’s lingerie on social media:

It’s convenient. Buying online, no matter what it is that you buy, is certainly convenient. It allows you to save time, energy and sometimes even money. It allows you to better compare amongst a variety of things available. And you don’t have to feel embarrassed trying out things in a congested little fitting room. Every girl and lady knows how convenient it can be to buy women’s lingerie online and on social media such as Instagram. Also, on social media, lingerie is also accompanied with an inspiration picture. You can visualize things better, which is practical when you want to buy lingerie. In real life, what sometimes happens is that you see an item, look at it and start to imagine it will look great on you until you go to the fitting room and try it on… visualizing lingerie can help, because you clearly see whether it will be suitable for your body and your pain points.

It’s relatively secret. Buying women’s lingerie on social media is also getting popular because it allows you to protect your privacy. Imagine living in a country in which women’s lingerie is sold by men exclusively, and sometimes even on the street (stalls). Let us bet you would be grateful to have a chance to buy women’s lingerie on social media…

Is women’s lingerie more popular on social media than other clothing items? On this question, the answer is yes and no. Actually, it depends on the area in which you live. If you live in a country where buying women’s lingerie in real life is not an embarrassing experience, chances are that you will buy lingerie on social media not out of necessity, but for the advantages it has. Whereas if you live in a place where buying women’s lingerie comfortably is not always possible, chances are that, when using social media, you will be more interested by women’s lingerie than other things.


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